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Exploring Ecotourism

Welcome to my blog!  I'm Janice from New Zealand, travelling in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  I am lucky to have an exciting travel companion, Derek.   We love to visit natural attractions and natural history sites.  








My travel History

My childhood travel experiences instilled a spirit of adventure, an interest in the natural world and an interest in cultures.  My travel inspiration is my Grandmother.  In 1976 we flew to Fiji on board an Air New Zealand jet (pictured below).  There I experienced spectacular unspoiled tropical reefs.









The Environment

Now, I witness the degradation of many natural areas and the scientific community warning of dire consequences if humanity does not live sustainably.  What part does tourism play in environmental decline?  Should I end my travels to save the planet?


What is 'Ecotourism'

Some time ago the term 'Ecotourism' sparked my interest.  Of course, humans have explored the natural world since the beginning of time.  Unfortunately,  nature herself has often been neglected and suffered in traditional natural tourism experiences.  This has gone hand in hand with damaging local communities and indigenous cultures.   


However, participating in 'Ecotourism' goes beyond experiencing nature.  The aim of 'Ecotourism' is to serve local communities and conserve the natural world.   The World Tourism Organization is an agency of the United Nations.  They define ecotourism as:

  • All nature-based forms of tourism in which the primary motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.

  • It contains educational and interpretation features.

  • It is ... tour operators for small groups. Service providers at destinations tend to be small, locally owned businesses.

  • It minimises negative impacts upon the natural and socio-cultural environment.

  • It supports the maintenance of natural areas which are used as ecotourism attractions by:

    • Generating economic benefits for host communities, organisations and authorities managing natural areas with conservation purposes;

    • Providing alternative employment and income opportunities for local communities;

    • Increasing awareness towards the conservation of natural and cultural assets, both among locals and tourists.

Source www.unwto.org/  

If you enjoy learning about and experiencing our world, I’m thrilled you’ve discovered Travels Lush Ecotourism Blog.  You will find itineraries that include booking links and ideas for ecotravel.


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Western Australian Cliffs
Grandmother playing cards on Air New Zealand 1976